Technology at the Office

Modern Technology is the Key to Efficiency

At Aframe & Barnhill we strive to stay ahead of the game. We  embrace the modern world. As other law offices fall behind, buckling under the weight of obsolete methods, we proudly wield the most advanced tools of the trade to better serve our clients. Allow us to share just what our office can offer:

  • Dragon Dictation Software: Dragon Dictation Software allows us to quickly dictate emails, legal documents, and other correspondence without ever having to struggle with a keyboard. The speed that we are able to produce your documents at reduces your costs and keeps you better informed of our progress on your cases.
  • Interconnected Computer Network: Our office is equipped with a number of computers all unified under one system. Whether using Carl Aframe’s personal three monitor computer or our conference room’s two 36 inch TV computer monitors, every member of our staff has access to the same, in-depth information. Every member of our staff is aware and updated on all matters, and thus enables them to serve your interests better. We are so well organized that Mr. Aframe runs the office remotely even while on vacation.
  •  Wireless Phone Headsets: Information and circumstances can change in an instant. It is our intention to keep you updated at all times. Our use of wireless headsets allows us to contact you on the go at any time and hold office conferences even while we are all in separate places.
  • Skype: A staple to the modern office place, skype allows us to hold video conferences whenever and wherever. Most recently, skype was used to help a client who lives across the country save money on going to a video conferencing center by allowing him to sit in on mediation conference from the comfort of his own office.
  • Apple devices: One cannot claim to be in the modern world without possessing apple devices. At Aframe & Barnhill we have it all: iPhones, iPads, and even the Apple Watch.

Keeping up with these new trends is incredibility important to us, as they enhance our skills in helping you. At Aframe & Barnhill we serve law for the 21st century.

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