Creditor Rights Protection

While this website demonstrates my 39 years of expertise in representing both business and consumer debtors, my skills are actually better suited to serve creditors in both the business and consumer debtor arenas.

I know what the debtor and their counsel are trying to accomplish in the usually haphazard, cash-strapped, desperate chapter 13 or chapter 11 attempts to reorganize or at least stall off the inevitable foreclosure.

My understanding combined with my highly efficient, cost effective, and technologically adept services that cut costs and get you access to your secured assets much faster.

I am well-suited to ensure that with my familiarity with the rules, parties, and the court I can get the best result out of a bad situation.

The prosecution of the creditors includes motions to dismiss, motions for relief from stay, motions for turnover of assets oppositions, to the motions for cash collateral in a host of asset protection efforts. We have been successful in numerous instances in obtaining an in rem order which prohibits the debtor from further bankruptcy filing, allowing the creditor to realize its collateral without enduring multiple filings

Our skill in defending against adversary proceedings for sanctions resulting from alleged violations of the automatic stay or discharge injunctions is without parallel. I have the intuition, know-how and hands-on experience to limit or defeat those motions for sanctions

I hope that we will have an opportunity to see if we are a fit. I would think that you would benefit from integrating our electronic tools in your operations to better protect your interests. We are fully compliant with the fair debt collection practices act and give you the one-to-one attention (no Associates) at competitive hourly rates and in flat rates for representing creditors in bankruptcy proceedings.

(The ability to quote flat rates for a particular service bankruptcy service is understanding the players, their skills level and most importantly their motivations in bringing sanction motions)

Of course, we also have the skills to pursue your claims and secured assets inside and outside bankruptcy having litigated for the last 39 years in both the state District Court superior courts and in the United States District Court’s.

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