What Makes Aframe Barnhill Unique?

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I am not a fan of bankruptcy. It does great harm to your credit score and your psyche. We provide alternatives to resolve your debt that should be explored before you choose to file.

Many bankruptcy lawyers are hesitant to warn you of the consequences of filing bankruptcy and even fewer have the experience to back up their claims. My investment of 38 years in insolvency law has resulted in approximately 82,000 hours of experience and creative thought, combined with the most sophisticated electronic tools and the widest range of contacts, to provide the best solutions to work out your economic trauma.

Every lawyer on his second day of practice is “experienced”. 39 years brings an entirely different level of sophistication, insight, and creativity to devote to ease the burden of your money worries.  With direct and personal one-on-one attention to your needs, we can explore  the wide range of solutions available to you.

In tandem with our dedication to providing the best service, we are also constantly improving our services with modern technology. Among our tools of the trade include dragon dictation software, which increases our efficiency and capacity to give you more for our hourly rate; Google Drive, which allows collaboration with clients and other professionals; Skype, which enables us to set up  conferences anywhere in the world for you with travel and 24/7/365 attention to your needs and questions.

This website has  information about our office, bankruptcy chapters, and credit bureau scores. What is most useful for you, your family, and your future to pick up the phone and call 508-756-6940 or email us at aframe@aframebarnhill.com. We provide an hour and a half free consultation as well as free credit bureau report and review so that we can all best understand your circumstances, alternatives, and explain the consequences that come with each in order to get the best result. Take back your life today and come visit us!

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